Sunday, March 30, 2008


I wanted more color and look what showed up Sunday. This was a new visitor to our yard. I've spied a Stellar's Jay and an emerald hummingbird I haven't identified, but this was my first glimpse of this beautiful red creature. We snapped the photo from inside the house but when we dared go outside for a better shot it darted inside the Arborvitae. I'll need to find good resources for identifying birds so I can better track these little guests.


Weed Whackin' Wenches said...

I really like the Audubon guides because they have full color close-up photos of each bird, often including photos of both the male and the female to show the different colorations. Also, the photos are arranged by shape and type of bird, then by color so it's really easily to page through to try and find what you've spotted.

I'm a novice bird watcher, but I wonder if this is a purple finch?

- Wing Nut

The Gardeness said...

Thanks Wing Nut, I think you're right. I caught a side glimpse of the bird Thursday and it looks very similar photos of purple finch on the web. But why purple if it's red? Interesting.

NW Nature Nut said...

It's actually a male House Finch...just as cool as a Purple Finch. Put out a feeder with some Black Oil sunflower seed and they will love it. The females are little brown birds (LBB's). I like your blog and will check back. It's fun to read about northwest gardeners.

The Gardeness said...

Those are really similar, too much for my untrained eye. Thanks NWNN for the advice on keeping the little guy around!