Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gardening blues

(Muscari armeniacum: Grape Hyacinth)

A teething child and a tired mom means gardening is at a standstill this week. Meanwhile those plants I purchased awhile ago still sit in their nursery containers, drying up save for rain that has come through in the last couple days.
Today was a good day to plant but we had a music class and the little guy was more interested in inside play. Now he's in bed but daylight is dwindling and I just don't have the energy.
How often do others buy and plant the same day I wonder?
I can't say this is the first time I've bought plants only to put off the planting. I've lost my momentum before, ending up with a dried or fried version of the plant I'd so giddily bought the week (or two) earlier.
This time I'm being a little more careful. I've got container grown perennials that I've tucked in a corner next to the front of the house. They were outside before I bought them so I don't need to worry about hardening off. But closer to the house they're protected from winds and they're getting morning sun.
Now I just need uninterrupted sleep tonight (cue baby) and another decent day tomorrow (enter Mother Nature) and I just may complete this task. And then there's those seeds ...


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

This sounds so familiar. My simpathy. I found letting my little guys chew on a big piece of celery helped with the teething. I held it of course.

gardenpath said...

Beautiful shot. Good luck with the little guy. Teething can be hard for everyone.

The Gardeness said...

Thanks for visiting and your sympathies.
Debbie: I've done carrots when he was getting his bottom teeth. It's though top ones now. Real pain, literally!