Sunday, April 13, 2008

Respite - Green Thumb Sunday

Sunday brought overcast skies and cooler temperatures, so we took a break from yard work and enjoyed playtime with our son. My husband did, however, treat me to some of his own floral design that I thought I'd share. He's gotten quite good at these lovely images. It's often a shame to drink the coffee.
As I sat enjoying a cuppa I caught a glimpse outside of the warm pink blush from my potted tulips. Two days ago they were still pinched closed, the colored tips just starting to show. Perhaps yesterday's warm sunny weather encouraged them to spread their wings.
It's such a joy to watch the minute changes that take place in the garden from day to day. I'm inspired to bring in more bulbs and perennials to help mark the weeks as we march further into spring.
Just today I'm noticing that my color scheme surrounding these tulips seems to be burgandy and pink, with splashes of silver. This area of the backyard includes a Hebe "Great Orme," Japanese Willow, barberry, "Emperor I" Japanese Maple, and Nandina "False Bamboo," which is tall enough now that it catches light from the setting sun for brilliant color. Columbine also peppers the bed, apparent offspring from a plant tucked in across the path three or four years ago.
This portion of the yard also slopes up and away from the house. I've been able to tuck plants in randomly, without much regard for height or size, yet still see everything. With the fountain, and despite the alley serving as its backdrop, this has turned into a nice little spot for the eye to linger and the mind to rest.


Tricia said...

Your garden is lovely! It looks like your garden is a little further ahead of mine, but I'm enjoying watching the day to day changes as well. Isn't spring such a special time?

I've added your site to the GTS blogroll.

artistsgarden said...

How lovely. I adore tulips - I think mine are just a few days away from opening.
Nice to see more of your garden

No Rain said...

Your tulips are beautiful. Happy GTS and Happy spring!

ldybug said...

i love to see garden stuff that's not a plant. the caffine looks great.

The Gardeness said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.

tricia: Isn't it amazing how much things change so quickly? Thanks for adding me to GTS.

artistsgarden: I figured pictured of more mulch-covered areas were getting old. It was nice to focus somewhere with more color.

no rain: Happy spring to you!

ldybug: I figured I'd better give the hubby some props. He also helps with the heavy lifting in the garden.

nestinstyle said...

Dearest Gardeness, what a cute little helper you have in the wheelbarrow. I see that you have a golden barberry. I just transplant two that were overtaken by the neighbors bamboo. I don't have pics yet. My specific variety is 'pow wow'. It has columnar, rather than circular, growth.