Thursday, April 24, 2008

Movin' on up

Within days the peas I planted were showing signs of life, as were what seems like every broccoli seed I poured in the baby food jars. Now, the peas are at least an inch tall and the broccoli is ready to top two inches.

They seem to be enjoying the daily rotation I give them as they reach toward the sun. But with this growth spurt I'm wondering if I should soon put them in larger pots or just nestle them outside in a permanent location?

I'll also note that the clear, covered tray I've used has made a wonderful little greenhouse. I'd read egg cartons don't keep soil moist enough but I've yet to have to water any of the seeds since planting.

There's still no signs from the eggplant and squash, but just today I saw a lone carrot seedling has begun snaking its way out of the soil. Checking the other jars I see root growth from several others so all is well.

With these plants off and running, I'm going to start another selection, this time Walla Walla onions, English thyme, Greek basil, Nasturtiums "Jewel Mix" and "Evening Sun" Sunflower. I'll also add the established chard and borage brought home from a friends house the other day.

According to Garden Guides, borage is a good buddy plant for tomatoes and will improve their flavor, kind of like how chives are excellent companions to carrots.


garden girl said...

You've got a great start on lots of delicious veggies!

chey said...

Look at those seedlings reaching towards the sun! Great shots.