Friday, April 18, 2008

The crops are in!

I've been able to plant most of the coral bells that had been sitting next to the house. The weather was touch and go Friday, however, so the boy and I spent it inside sowing seeds.

We're behind, yes, but the kitchen garden is still a wreck. This way by the time it's usable the seedlings should be ready to go. The forecast shows our area isn't supposed to get above 50 degrees or see sun until Tuesday so starting seeds inside probably isn't such a bad idea.

I'm sowing the seeds in egg cartons and baby food jars, a handy (green) alternative to buying pots. I have read that the egg cartons don't provide enough soil and dry out quickly so I'll keep watch over the peas I tucked in there.

There's also the question of how much to plant. How many carrots is enough for a family of 2.5? What about broccoli or peas? Advice on this is welcome.

I also filled a planter with starts I bought at a local nursery. These had also been tucked next to the house so I met with some nasty little bugs when I was transplanting them. Did I mention I hate bugs?

In all, here's our crops for this season:
Broccoli, green sprouting calabrese (3); Carrots, Nantes half long (9); Eggplant, berenjena hybrid (2); Peas, sugar snap (6); Peas, snowbird (6); Squash, winter acorn (5)
Bouquet Dill (1); Lettuce Romaine "Forellenschluss" (4); Lettuce Heirloom "Australian Yellow" (2); Parsley, curled (1); Spinach semi-savory (4)


chey said...

You will be eating well! You're off to a great start.

garden girl said...

aw, look at that little cutie in the background behind the baby food jars! He looks like he's planting seeds too!

I'm envious of your veggies - wish I had a sunny spot to grow some here. I planted some asparagus starts in the sunniest spot of my shade garden, but I think the squirrels have dug them all up already. humph!

Rosengeranium said...

Since I have a family of 2.5 persons myself I'd say the best thing is to plant too much. If the final harvest actually prove to be too much, then give away or sell the surplus.

The Gardeness said...

Garden Girl: He was interested in what I was doing with all his baby food jars. But a closer look and you can see the yogurt outline around his mouth.

I'd like to try asparagus. Do you just plunk them in the ground?

Rosengeranium: That's a good point. And I've got in-laws just blocks away so we could just share!

Anna said...


If you have any extra egg cartons or baby food jars, let me know. I need to start some catnip growing indoors'll be a treat for our guys AND Milo and TJ too.


The Gardeness said...

Hey Anna, I'm saving jars for you as we speak so I'll pass them off next time I see you!