Saturday, April 12, 2008

Unsavory Potager

If there's an ugly side to gardening I got a glimpse of it Saturday when I started clearing what used to be our kitchen garden. I'd been weed whacking around the house's foundation to clear a spot for our new compost bin and decided I'd just jump into the mess of grass and weeds that have crept into the potager.

A rather large pile of dried cuttings and twigs sits in what used to be full of tomatoes and squash. I think there's even the remnants of a rhododendron in there.

The mound that I'm clearing is from sod that I'd tossed in a pile over a year ago. I'd like to use it also for vegetables without disruption from the nearby Mock Orange. Perhaps I can build a trellis for peas or squash like was demonstrated at a vertical gardening exhibition during the Northwest Flower and Garden Show here in February.

We also picked up a much needed new wheel-barrow since our old one keeps getting a flat and is too heavy and unsteady. The little guy took the inaugural ride in it before we mucked it up with weeds we had to yank out to lay about 60 square feet in the front. I hate having to actually put grass back but since we're not entirely eliminating the lawn we need to maintain a bit of a path for the mower.


Nancy J. Bond said...

I used to love wheel barrow rides when I was a kid. :)

Mark said...

Is that a case of buy a wheel barrow and get a child

Teresa said...

Appears that you are doing some 'heavy duty' gardening this year. A swath of lawn here and there looks downright elegant if you ask me. Weeds will find there way in, lawn or no lawn! We lived in Magnolia from about '82-'89. Now in West Seattle, in Arbor Heights/Shorewood.

Angela O. said...

Aww - precious baby!