Sunday, April 20, 2008

White for Green Thumb Sunday

Mother Nature is obviously confused if she's dropping hail and flakes halfway through April.

The family hopped a ferry to Bainbridge Island on Sunday and were treated to another bout of wintry white. It was much like driving through a snow globe since it only lasted about five minutes and dissipated by the time we reached our friends' house.

Since I was out of the house for much of the day I didn't get many shots of what's happening in the yard this Green Thumb Sunday. I did peek in on my seedlings to find a little action, though. It appears the peas are germinating, and some may have shifted during their initial watering. These were planted during the last bit of hail so it's only appropriate that they sprout today, no?

And just for the sake of trying, I snapped a shot of our Japanese Maple backlit by the garage light. It's really leafed out in the past week and the leaves glow at night when the light is on.

Evening is also when I realize I need more white or light-colored plants so the garden can be enjoyed at night, too.


garden girl said...

lovely Maple! Looks like there's lots going on in your garden!

The Gardeness said...

Thanks for stopping by Garden Girl.Yes, despite freakish weather, spring is here. I've got to be careful to stay focused so I actually finish projects!