Thursday, May 15, 2008

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - May 2008

The last few days have been a whirlwind of quitting jobs, starting new ones and packing for a trip to Montana to see my favorite niece graduate high school. So it was just this morning that I remembered I must post for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day.
Alas, other duties (read: my son) take precedent over the garden and I only have a few minutes to snap some photos of what's going on our little property.
I can't help but return to the Bride Pearl Bush because it is so full of blooms that its delicate limbs simply slump under the weight. I do enjoy this little bush, but didn't realize it would remain quite so little. I must dig up the tag to double check its mature height.
Across a swath of lawn is the kale, now starting to flower and put on some serious girth. This monster takes over this corner of the garden bed. I'd trimmed it back earlier this year but it's not about to be contained.
I hope the nearby poppies can stand up to the kale's heavy leaves. These are oriental poppies that I planted about three years ago. They're a favorite of my husband's so I'm letting them spread freely, along with my lupine.

In the kitchen garden things are moving along nicely. I give you my little carrots with their crazy hair starting to show itself. There's also the sweet nasturtiums and their fat little leaves that just make me smile.
The perennial Calla lillies are unfurling to reveal their creamy white petal and butter yellow stamen. These grow like weeds along the south side of our house. The petals only are perfect for a day before something nibbles away at them. I go back and forth between loving them and hating them since they spread so readily.

Now, the not so fun goings-on is the grass that is making a run in the beds. Clearly not enough newspaper was used in my mulching. I fear what this will look like in the short time we're gone.


rees cowden said...

You can't beat a plain white calla lily for simple beauty...

Jayme said...

Grass is such a pain in the borders. You probably used enough newspaper, stuff just blows around. Looking good!

Oh, have you tried cardboard? Much thicker.

Cinj said...

Cala lilies are beautiful. Too bad the critters eat them so much. Still, I'd like to have a bunch of the free-flowering beauties.

Dirt Princess said...

Your son is beautiful!