Sunday, May 25, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

Seattle's enjoying absolutely beautiful weather for Memorial Day weekend. However, much of our time is being spent inside tearing out an old cast iron tub.

That didn't stop me from snapping some shots of the Columbine that has self seeded in the backyard.
I wonder if this is the native variety since it looks a bit different than what I've traditionally seen at nurseries. I also don't recall planting this particular color of Columbine, though. The closest one is across the path, and it's yellow.


No Rain said...

Beautiful Colombine photos. I love the pretty pink color of them. Most of the ones I'm familiar with are blue.
Happy GTS,

Nancy J. Bond said...

Mmm, those columbines are a lovely color. Good luck with your tub -- they're heavy as all get out!