Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life up close

Life has been speeding along since we returned from Montana. We're finishing our basement with help and the spousal unit and I are replacing a cast iron tub. Meanwhile I have started freelancing for a local monthly magazine. It's been a great way to continue writing and has kept me more than busy when added to the other projects.
Sadly I have had little time to enjoy the garden, whether it be planting or pulling. When I can snatch a moment to snap some photos, it's at least another day before I get them uploaded. And blogging? Tch!
Juggling family, friends and free time is always a complex task. I think of this as I look closely at the velvety petals of the Iris now in full bloom in the front garden. At a glance, it is a beautifully unique creation of mother nature. But peer inside and the contrasts of color, pattern and structure are even more striking.

I have taken a moment to enjoy more of the Columbine growing around our house. This buttery beauty is blooming despite me wrenching it from the ground to make way for a path of grass. I tucked it beneath a large Rhododendron and voila, it lives. The perseverance of these little plants always surprise me.
And then there's the edible chaos holding court on the south side of the house. The kitchen garden is in obvious need of a trellis. The peas are all over each other as they reach out for support.
The Swedish Chard is beginning to bolt after our warm weather. I've never grown this. Can anyone tell me how long it's still good once this process starts?
And here's a present to myself. I picked up several plants _ Poppy, African Daisy, Snapdragon and Marigold _ so I can spend a few hours in the garden, just the plants and me.


garden girl said...

I know the feeling! So much to do, not enough time to do it all.

That's a fabulous columbine. Columbine is definitely in the top 5 of my favorite flowers.

Weed Whackin' Wenches said...

Gorgeous color on the iris. Those look like happy peas. Ours finally started putting out flowers. Our mizuna bolted--I just cut the flowers off and we're still eating the leaves. They're quite peppery but we like them that way. --Curmudgeon

Lets Plant said...

Your Iris looks great!! Mine just bloomed again the other day!!