Sunday, May 11, 2008

Show and tell

I've been absent from the garden since last weekend's Green Thumb Sunday when we got the vegetables in.
Everything appears to be doing quite well, thank goodness.
Even the carrots handled the transplant out of their cozy baby food jars and are now beginning to put on those leafy tops.
Rather than capturing the kitchen garden, though, I wanted to share the rest of the yard.
Some of the chives that have had a home in a large plastic tub by the back door are starting to flower. I'm going to try getting seeds from these so I can add some to the potager. My sister-in-law once had chives re-seed all over her yard so every time she mowed the lawn she had a nice scent of chives and fresh lawn.

The rhododendron is in full bloom now, its hot pink buds waning to a more subdued blush. This is the first time the plant has been allowed to bloom since in the past it's been trimmed at the wrong time. Very delightful to look out the bay window and see these wonderful clusters of flowers.
Our lilac is putting on its blooms, often scenting the entire backyard with its sweet fragrance. It's a well established tree that previous owners let develop a double trunk that we have since cabled to prevent from splitting. Now I'm letting some of the center suckers develop to revitalize the plant.
Also tucked in the backyard, up against the house is a large Pieris shrub. It's probably not in the best location but it's healthy, despite growing at an awkward angle. I know nothing about its root system but hope it's nothing that will compromise our foundation. I love the little flowers on these plants. They smell delicious.
The name of this plant escapes me right now but I just love its glossy leaves, the size of dinner plates. They are most spectacular, if not eerie, before they open when they look similar to delicate hands.


Bonnie Story said...

Hi! I believe that last plant pictured is a Fatsia, also called an Aurelia. We had to leave a HUGE one down in CA when we moved up to WA and I hope our renter is keeping it alive... I had it in a huge glazed pot from Vietnam that just set off it's lush exotic look perfectly.

Our Fatsia never wanted much sun. It was sheltered on the North side of the house under an eve so avoided falling to the "big Bay Area freeze" a few years ago, the freeze that turned all our poor Jade plants to jello.

I have seen Fatsia growing big in the ground over on Bainbridge Island, but where we are - perched over the Hood Canal at 500 feet elevation, - I'm thinking my Fatsia days are over...

Thanks for the nice blog! Happy gardening!! Bonnie

Jean Ann said...

I love the smell of lilacs! My neighbor has about three of them and they are right next to the side of our yard, so whenever I walk by the wonderful fragrance envelopes me!

I just realized that you are a writer and I am exploring freelancing...I would love to have an email conversation with you about it, if you are game...

The Gardeness said...

Bonnie: Thanks for the info on the Aurelia. Mine is tucked up against a fence and next to a large rhododendron on the south side of the house. It seems to be quite happy although it has yet to flower. It's about 3 years old but I've seen much larger ones during strolls around our neighborhood.

Jean Ann: Freelancing now on top of everything else? You go girl! Actually I only just started freelancing, literally just a few weeks ago. But I love the flexibility it affords me because I can spend maximum time with my son. But I would gladly welcome a conversation on it. We can brainstorm ideas for the PNW!