Friday, May 23, 2008

The untended garden

Going away for awhile has its ups and downs, especially when the trip requires a combined 30+ hours in the car. But I must say the boy was very well behaved for a 10-month-old. There were neither meltdowns nor abundant crankiness.

My garden on the other hand, obviously did not like being left behind. It seems there are certain plants that, like an unattended child, will push boundaries and become unruly.

The kale has just ran wild, so much so that I'm not sure I can rein it in without brute force. It appears it's stretched out so far that it can no longer maintain its normal structure and just collapses away from its core. That or a large animal is using it for a bed.

The grass is, of course, another miscreant that in less than a week has sprung up mid-calf in some places. The lawn will require both the weedwacker and the mower.

Then there's the general chaos now lining the path to our front door. While we were gone, good weather prompted these plants to shoot up and out. It resembles a grade-school class' attempt at forming a single-file line.

And sadly, some in my kitchen garden have either given up entirely or are gasping. Some of the carrots and many of the onions just couldn't take the heat without a daily drink. The broccoli plants just collapsed, their delicate stems turning thread thin at soil level.

There are those shining stars in the garden though, including the squash, which looks very robust despite the neglect.
The magenta spikes of Lupine have thrusted well above their soft green leaves. This self seeder is one of the early spring arrivals in my garden, although the flower takes its time to show itself.
The first Poppy of the season has burst open, its electric orange petals screaming for attention against all the muted greens.
A little less showy, but just as appreciated are the Heuchera flowers. And the Bearded Iris has sent up its stalk of flowers. I always miss this process. One day its just the sword-like leaves then I have flowers.


Nancy J. Bond said...

I'm sorry about your misbehaving vegetables, but the rest of your garden looks lush and wonderful to me. Of course, *I* am not the one who has to tame the unruly. :)

Cinj said...

Wow, such a long car ride for a little guy. I'm glad he was better behaved than your garden!

Poor plants. I have a bunch of taming to do when I return to my old garden too, I'm sure Mom hasn't done anything to them yet this spring. I don't envy your work, but at least it wasn't a very long time away!

The Gardeness said...

Nancy: Thanks for the compliment. I guess it's better that the garden is lush rather than lacking, right?

Cinj:I complain about having to tidy but isn't all garden work therapy in one way or another? Yesterday I pulled grass and was just happy to be outside. Enjoy your taming!

garden girl said...

I'm glad your little guy traveled so well!

Sorry your vegetable garden didn't fare as well while you were away. It's so hard to leave a garden during the growing season.

Everything else really looks beautiful though. I like neat and tidy, but I also like things spilling over their boundaries.