Friday, July 25, 2008

Bug or Beast?

I went to run out to the car tonight and when I opened the door heard a somewhat familiar buzzing sound. The source was about 30 feet from our house, which meant not just an ordinary bee if I could hear it.

I sent the spousal unit to capture photos and footage because I for sure was not going near a bee that big. But upon closure inspection I don't believe our guest is a bee. Any guesses because we don't have a clue.



Shibaguyz said...

Here's a link to this little booger:

Not exactly good news, I know but now we're going to be on the look out for them as well. Thanks for posting this picture and video.

I likE plants! said...

cool post!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Definitely BEAST. :) It sounds like the June bugs we get around here. Thankfully, they are short lived...I hope this beastie is, too.

NW Nature Nut said...

I think its the Ten-lined June Beetle. I found it in my bug book. Google images might have it too. Cool!

The Gardeness said...

Shibaguyz: Thanks for the link. Very helpful in identifying this visitor. I was then able to check with our Master Gardeners at our local farmers market. They said it shouldn't be too much trouble. It's usually commercially that it becomes a real pest. Love your sweet shibas, by the way. We thought about that breed when getting our dogs. Thanks for stopping by.

i like plants: Glad you liked the wildlife. I'm not too big on bugs and such but the love of gardening helps me soldier on.

Nancy: I agree! It seems to have moved on thank goodness. But I can add that to the list of wildlife my little garden is attracting, no?

nw nature nut: I now know I need a bug book myself. Any recommendations?

Thanks for visiting everyone.