Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hello Garden, it's me ...

Finally a spare moment to see what's happened in the garden since I've been absent. As I sheepishly made my way through the garden, apologizing for my slight, I found the nasturtium taking off in the vegetable bed, as are the peas, squash and tomotoes. I worry the peppers are too much in the shadow of fading chard and have been stunted by the treatment.
The path to our front door is bursting with color, so much so that guests are accosted when they approach. I need to revisit this area of the garden and do some editing.
The Yarrow is in full bloom. A terribly simple plant but I enjoy its bright, sunny disposition. It's a nice greeting when you open the front door.
The "Mrs. Windsor" Hebe is delightful this year, putting on the most flowers I think I've seen in the three years it's been in place. Fat bumblebees seem to enjoy this plant, which even without its purple and white flowers provides year-round interest.
Ahh, the Tree Mallow. A delight when it's in all its glory. The pink blooms pop againt a golden backdrop of leaves. It's a monster of a plant, however, and each year requires a serious pruning.
What a splendid surprise to see my "Chocolate" Cosmos has weathered some serious abuse and a good 4 inches of mulch. I think its deliciously scented petals could look a little better but I just had to share its unexpected return.

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Perennial Gardener said...

It's amazing how much a garden can change in our absense. Love the Chocolate Cosmos. I grew that one year but it didn't return the next. I might have to rethink that plant again. It smells so good.