Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Almost there

Work is almost finished in the backyard. John Miranda of JD Brothers has done a phenomenal job, working rain or shine (and weekends) to finish the renovation.
I was sad to see the Lilac go but it had outgrown that space and needed to be cabled to prevent it from splitting in two. In the end, removal really opened up this back corner. It will be a nice area for the boy to run.

The decking is complete except for lighting, which arrived today. This combined with leveling the yard has made a tremendous difference in the feel of the space. It seems so much larger. Even our dogs look small.

The guys even replaced the decrepit green garage door. Huge difference.

John and the crew have been extremely patient with all my questions and last minute requests, including adding a sprinkler system!


artistsgarden said...

It is looking so great!

Frances said...

I see a wonderful opportunity for a veggie garden in that space between the patio and garage!


The Gardeness said...

Thanks Karen. All credit goes to our hardworking landscaping.

Frances, I'd love that but our dogs would wreck it. We've opted to fence off the south side of the house, though. Lots of veggies are planned there!

Rosemary said...

your back yard is going to be wonderful when finished

Ilona said...

Now that is impressive!