Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dinner is served

The last of our squash paired nicely with some beef ribs my husband cheffed up. Since the boy is also eating real food now I played up the squash Thanksgiving style.
I cubed and cooked them like you would mashed potatoes. Then spooned them into individual ramicans and added mini marshmallows. I broiled them for all of a minute for the toasted effect. It was a hit with the family, and it satisfied my sweet tooth.
On another garden note. Remember those green tomatoes? Well, those still on a bit of vine I left in tact are ripening nicely. The Chianti Reds have been delicious additions to our salads. And the sweet little cherry tomatoes are just as tasty as a little snack.

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garden girl said...

It's really quite amazing how long tomatoes can continue to ripen and stay fresh.

We have a bowl of cherry tomatoes on our counter. Most of them were green when I brought them in at the end of September. There were a lot of them, and we've been snacking on them for weeks now as they ripen.

Dinner looks delicious!