Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow Scenes

There's something tranquil about freshly fallen snow and the quiet beauty it brings to a landscape. Many here in Seattle are starting to grumble about the staying power of this recent storm. But I remain pleased to have the rare treat of a real "White Christmas" in the Pacific Northwest


GardenJoy4Me said...

That was such a pretty night time picture of the snow !
We are used to the white stuff here .. but I know what you mean about the peaceful tranquility of fresh snow .. and the quiet it brings for a few moments at least ? LOL

Sue said...

I'm already cold, and looking at your snow gave me a shiver. I like your pics, though!

We have snow here in Nebraska, but not as much as you do. Our Christmas will be white, as the temps are staying pretty cold during the day.

Merry Christmas,

Wayne Stratz said...

that a good way to see it. Have a joyous Christmas

Karen said...

Must admit to being one of the grumblers. I had places to be no matter what, and the bus/walk/drive deal was getting really old after a few days. Now I'm just holed up and going stir crazy! Canceled plans and many things that just won't get done in time for Xmas. Oh well, Mother Nature has her own ways of getting us to slow down sometimes! Nice pics.

Karen said...

PS Hey, would you be at all interested in a Seattle garden bloggers meet-up? I'm trying to put one together. If you're up for it and want to stop by my blog to see what's cooking or make suggestions about a date/what form it should take, please do! Happy New Year! - Karen