Thursday, January 22, 2009

Acts of desperation

Desperation has set in and I'll do anything to putter in my yard. Even a shift of dog-doo removal (blecht!)
I know the soil is way too soggy to be tromping through garden beds so I just went around snapping photos of random happenings in the backyard. The lawn in itself has me worried. All our snow last year did a number on the recently installed sod. It's yet to really dry out and I fear having to replace it come spring.

The Pieris that stood wedged against the back of the house got a new home by the upper deck during the backyard renovation. It was supposed to be a temporary move but I rather enjoy the privacy it affords that spot. The new location also allows for better views of the trunk, which I had never really noticed. Apparently over the years it has twisted and wrenched its way upward.

And what pictoral would be complete without a squirrel shot? I have to say, these little guys (knock on wood) have pretty much ignored this year's emerging bulbs. They obviously are well fed so the source of grub must be somewhere close. Neighbors' bird feeders perhaps?


Weed Whackin' Wenches said...

LOL! That IS desperation. I stare out the window at our veggie patch and daydream about manure.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Too funny about your reason to get out. I have been staring out the window a lot myself. Hope your sod makes it, ours looks pretty sad too.

mrbarky said...

Yes, that would be our feeder the fat little buggers eat out of. they hang upside down and eat the black sunflower seed.

And Anna gives them special food on the steps too (which the stellar jays also love to eat).

The Gardeness said...

WWW - I'm a sad case aren't I. Manure and compost I can stand. But dog doo?

Catherine - Definitely not a good year for new lawns. I wouldn't have them at all if it weren't for dogs and a toddler. And a husband who won't give up all the lawn for gardens and veggie beds

mrbarky - you keep up what you're doing. My bulbs thank you for it!

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Yeah, I have to say that I've been out and about lately too. I chose a poo-free zone to wonder around in! Here in Portland, OR we haven't had any rain lately (Bang on wood!), but the wind, except for the last few days, has been horrible- that does mean my beds are drier than usual, however! So I did a little weeding :)

Happy Gardening!

Karen said...

Well, you have your dog poo, I have my weeds. We all do what we must, and the fresh air (once the smelly stuff is gone) is a reward on its own. I'm just getting a little sick of the fog. What is this, San Francisco in the summer?? Glad your squirrels are leaving the bulbs alone. I think we should be in the clear, I've mostly had problems with that in the fall. Oh, did I just jinx us? Yikes, sorry!