Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How do they do it?

Mother Nature clearly has a sense of humor. The early-morning ice formations yesterday gave way to a rather sunny, albeit chilly day. Today, however, brought a skiff of snow that dusted many of my plants that are already limping along. It didn't last long, of course, turning into one of Seattle's more dependable misting rains.
So I'm glad I did get out to capture a few shots this morning. I had intended to post earlier but the day got away from me. Now it's 8-something at night, and as I'm finally sitting down to the day's post, I marvel at those who seem to be machines. I don't mean those heartless, robotic things but the type that can crank out delightful, informative posts that keep bringing us back for more.

Even as I write this I have a story to finish and edits to address on another. But since I'd rather blog and read blogs I'm doing this and will just be up late into the night, coffee by my side. And then there's my garden. We won't even go into the list of to-dos out there.
When not wrangling my toddler or writing for money I'm busy trying to digest everyone else's garden knowledge. There's not time to produce thoughtful informative snippets to help others. So how do they do it? Those like Jodi at bloomingwriter, Linda at garden girl or Carol at May Dreams Garden who not only blog daily, but treat us to unique stories and snapshots into their lives, all while weaving in helpful information. Then there's the Garden Rant ladies or the crew at Gardening Gone Wild who I read religiously for one-stop shopping on all the latest in gardening news and tips. And I mustn't forget Chris and Katie at garden punks, Karen at Greenwalks or Catherine over at A Gardener in Progress. I just plain look forward to reading them because it's like sitting down with good friends.

These only scratch the surface of my usual haunts. There are countless others whom I envy for their extensive knowledge and energy, not to mention their gardens!


gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Thanks for mentioning me, especially with all those other great bloggers!! I feel the same way about your blog. A real person with a real life that I can relate to (especially the toddler part).
Great pictures and I like the new look of your blog!

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Ah, chasing down toddlers- I remember all too well! My kids are teens now, and the chasing is still there, just different. I was wondering myself how other bloggers do it- the home, work, garden, and blog? Crazy. I do what I can. Blogging has brought me much joy, especially the people I've met- some, I feel like I really know them, and I always learn something from them all. Keep blogging when you can, and know that I'll keep reading it!

Karen said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out, that's some pretty awesome company too. :) I think this community of garden bloggers, whether local or further afield, is a really wonderful thing. I really enjoy reading your blog and am amazed that you can get a post up daily despite all you have going on!

Frances said...

Hi Gardeness, or do you prefer Meliantha? I love your writing, concise and interesting. I love mornings too, a fresh start with anything possible, even if it is once again raining. Writing with a young child must be an exercise in stop and start inspiration! And the blogging is quite addictive, other activites fall by the wayside that used to take up our time. Thanks for visiting Fairegarden.

cindydyer said...

Hi Melanthia!

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.

The composition on your shot of the red chiminea and curving plant is wonderful, by the way.

Cheryl said...

How do you do it? Mom, board secretary, wife, writer....and photographer.

Delightful photo with the chiminea. You are a gifted visual storyteller, darlin.

I enjoyed my visit. I was so dreamy I walked off the train at midnight and let my suitcase keep going to Eugene.

Gardeness said...

Phew! I'm catching up so I hope I haven't missed my chance to thank you all for visiting. I never know if people will even see these return comments but it can't hurt.

Catherine: Thanks for the props on the blog redo. I'm constantly fiddling with it.

Tessa: I appreciate the support. Teens, huh. I think my little guy is already a handful, can imagine 12 years from now.

Karen: My goal is a post a day. Note that I haven't updated my son's blog in almost a week. Yikes!

Frances: Thanks, my years at AP served me well I guess. Blogging is a whole new style for me though. Rather freeing!

Cindy: Aww, shucks. I love taking photos so it's always nice when I accidentally get a good one!

Cheryl: Girl! You forgot your luggage? Glad it was such a relaxing visit, despite our snuffling household and tiffy toddler.