Friday, January 30, 2009

Humble Beginnings

(A view toward Elliott Bay in Discovery Park, Seattle)
The other day I was outside and noticed a heavy warmth to the air and those little bugs were swarming around as birds swooped low. Spring apparently was sending out scouts to see if the area was ready to blossom.
It was about this time I started seeing various seed posts from Blunders with shoots, blossoms 'n roots, Family and Flowers and You Grow Girl, and more recently over at Greenwalks and Petunia's Garden. There's going to be serious planting going on over at their plots. Me? Well, everyone has to start somewhere.

At this very moment I have 16 seed packets, all from the 2008 planting season. Don't they fit neatly in this little photo album? It's not that I don't want more, I just don't get around to buying them. In fact, I haven't really been to my trusty nursery haunts in awhile. I know I'm usually a frequent visitor to Magnolia Garden Center, because LAST year one employee saw me and said, "It wouldn't be Spring without you here." I was flattered.
But you know how life takes over; leaves don't get raked; shrubs don't get pruned. The bulbs! I did get those bulbs planted.

Anyway, yesterday I opened the Life and Arts section of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Marty Wingate was writing about all the great seed companies. Yup, I knew I could no longer ignore it. So I'm going to try a little winter-sowing like A Gardener in Progress has mentioned and perhaps do some local shopping. And maybe I'll mosey over to Cold Climate Gardening where there's a contest to win some more booty (seed packets that is).


Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Love your header picture Gardeness.
Yes it certainly is time to be thinking about seeds - I think this is the fun part, deciding what to grow.

Tessa at Blunders with shoots, blossoms 'n roots said...


Did you change some things on your blog or am I just imagining things? Looks good, I like it. Good luck with your seeds- and if you need some sheets to keep track of everything you've sown there are some available on my blog at the bottom. Happy Gardening and thanks for the link love!

Gardeness said...

Karen: That's a shot at the Seattle Aquarium. The color is amazing and eye-catching. Thanks for stopping by!

Tessa: Yup, I've been fiddling with the site. Glad you like it. Thanks for mentioning the tracking sheets, too. They'll come in handy.

Karen said...

Hey, thanks for all the link love lately! Seeds of Change - my favorite - hope you get to eat some great stuff from them this year. I often do not do any seed ordering at all, just pick up a few at Swanson's or the PCC. I also have many from last year, if I could just find where I put them... all of my seed stuff is just imaginary at the moment - we'll see what actually ends up getting into the ground!?!