Sunday, January 25, 2009

Seeds of Opportunity

Snow is falling again in Seattle. The small, whirling flakes zing through the air making the world look like a snow globe turned topsey-turvey.

Batik print by artist Kabugo Lukoma. Purchased by Isis Initiative, Inc., founder and president Cheryl Hatch in Kampala, Uganda in 1993.

My life in the past year and a half has been just as jumbled and frantic. The birth of my son put me on a new path, one that I have far less control of but am enjoying so much more.

One of the unexpected adventures has been an opportunity to join a close friend, Cheryl Hatch, in her mission to help educate young women around the globe. As a war photographer, Cheryl has met many people, especially women, whom have lacked the opportunities that money and an education could afford them.

Armed with determination and a few friends (myself included), she has established Isis Initiative, Inc., a small nonprofit that works to help pay for educating these young women so that they can help improve their communities.

Serving as a board member for Isis Initiative, I feel this is my chance to plant a seed in the garden of life. One that with time and attention will produce opportunities in a too often barren field of hope.

We aren't the Gates Foundation by any means, but we know it doesn't take much and we're going to make a difference, one person at a time.

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Karen said...

Nice to reach out and help those who have less. Seems like a really worth cause, good for you and your friend for doing this important work. Can you believe it's snowing again? Is it ever going to be spring??