Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eye Candy

Seattle is settling into the drippy days of late winter and I'm forced to remain inside after a heavenly stretch of warm, sunny days. Garden planning is my primary source of entertainment ... during the little guy's nap time ... therefore I'm pouring over photos taken during my tour of the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.
I last posted about the naked beauty of deciduous trees and shrubs, and now I turn to some of the perennial eye candy that drew me closer at this year's show. One of the popular attractions was at Washington Park Arboretum's "Entry to Cascadia," where the Cobra Lily coiled its way out of a swath of peat moss.
This plant of prey attracts insects with a sweet honey scent. It thrives in indirect sunlight and is said to tolerate temperatures ranging from freezing to 100 degrees. It also can get up to four feet tall, which makes me think those would be some pretty big bugs falling in there. I wonder if the little guy would dig this plant?

I've found I rather enjoy plants with yellow or gold color, so of course I was intrigued by this chartreuse beauty spotted in "A Garden's Story in 100 Words" by Pamela Richards. Hellebore "Gold Bullion" definitely needs to find a home in my garden, where its bright foliage would light up some of my dark corners.
Creative designs weren't just contained in the 26 main gardens. This display isn't original by any means but it's quite functional. I immediately thought a wall of herbs presented like this would be lovely. It could also serve as a screen just outside our backdoor, where it would be close at hand for nipping ingredients while providing a bit of privacy.

There seemed to be an abundance of vendors selling orchids, but I don't have much experience at this show to know better. Regardless, it's always delightful to see such a variety of these unique flowers. I have one, that did not bloom this year, so it was a treat to browse the wide selection.
Dare I continue? Of course, but it will have to be another post. My fingers are as beat as my feet were when I took in all these attractions. Next I'll share some of the groupings I thought were especially fantastic.


gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Great pictures! I loved those cobra lilies and they are on my list of wants. But, first I'd need a place to put them. The Entry to Cascadia was one of my favorites. I'm also afraid to try the orchids. Those are definitely eye candy to me!

cherry said...

Thanks for satisfying my sweet tooth
sounds like a great show.
hugs, Cherry

tina said...

Love that wall of plant pots!

Gardeness said...

Catherine: I'm thinking I would stick them in a pot so they could be moved inside (garage) when it snows. I'm not sure if they're toxic, either. Need to research further.

Cherry: Thanks for the follow! Glad you enjoyed the pics. There's one more round I'm working up. It was a wonderful show. So much to see.

Tina: I really like the idea of usig as a screen. Of course, those small pots would require more watering ...

Karen said...

Those cobra lilies were way cool. I wish I had a boggy place for them and also some gunnera, which also seemed to be a big hit at the show (so many gardens featured it, baby small versions anyway - they get HUGE!). Orchids scare me too, but they are fun to look at as you say.

Becca's Dirt said...

I especially like your wall of herbs. What a neat idea.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

The wall of pots surely makes a statement. I can picture more color in them though.

Grace Peterson said...

Eye candy, for sure! That wall of pots looks intriguing. I'm glad we DON'T have bugs big enough for those four foot plants. :-)

Cathy said...

Love the pot holders, looks like a great show.

texasdaisey said...

Oh yes please continue. They are so beautiful. More, more, more. Now I think I am hooked.

Gardeness said...

Karen: I'm going to look for the lilies. I've never noticed them at any nurseries I've been to, but they seem hard to miss.

Becca: Now if I can just get the hubby to build the wall!

Hocking Hills: You could make designs with the plant color. Or perhaps a game of connect four?

Grace: But wouldn't that be an impressive plant. Definitely a feature.

Cathy: It was wonderful. I hope it finds a buyer so it will continue for many years.

texasdaisey: LOL. Thanks for visiting. There's more on the way.

Kathleen said...

You have some great photos of the garden show. I love that last one of the lady slipper orchid. It's gorgeous. I am slowly trying my hand at orchids so hopefully I'll have some luck too. Maybe yours will bloom soon? I was just reading to increase the light and add fertilizer if you don't get buds.
PS I love orange in the garden too ~ I had lots of it last summer and it was kind of by accident. I bought what I liked and it just sort of ended up that way.

Sue said...

I love that hellebore! My only thing with the wall of herbs, is that I'd use as big pots as would work, so that they don't have to be watered as often.