Saturday, February 7, 2009

SAGBUTT Blossoms

Sunny skies, a wonderfully colorful garden and delightful conversation with new friends. Who could ask for more during the first gathering of SAGBUTT, or Seattle Area Garden Bloggers United to Talk. Clearly Karen at Greenwalks had a good idea to meet because plenty showed - even Margaret, who dashed over to the meeting, even though she isn't blogging ... yet.

Gardeners are very visual people. This inaugural meet-up at the Elisabeth C. Miller Library at UW Center of Urban Horticulture was a fantastic chance to put faces to blogs, and meet the lovely people behind all those gorgeous gardens and entertaining entries.

From left: Jean (Pill Bug), Daniel (Daniel Mount Gardens), Melanthia (Garden Muse), Paula (Petunia's Garden), Wingnut (Weed Whackin' Wenches), Molly (Life on Tiger Mountain,) Karen (Greenwalks)

How fun it will be now to picture Daniel from Daniel Mount Gardens working away in his vegetable bed that measures 60' x 160', or imagine Paula over at Petunia's Garden traipsing along her garden paths that she lines with jute bags. And Molly, with her chickens and a rambunctious puppy, blogging since 2000, most recently at Life on Tiger Mountain.

Adding a little international flair and a wealth of knowledge in Garden History is Liisa at The International Gardener. While Jean at Pill Bug's Point of View is putting to canvas what I can only try to capture on camera. I'm eager to check out her larger than life mural of a tree at Macrina Bakery south of downtown.

Oh, and most of us know Wingnut and Curmudgeon at Weed Whackin' Wenches. Well, it's her wisps of hair jutting out from a ball cap she wears while gardening that gives Wingnut her name. Curmudgeon was working this time and couldn't make it, but we look forward to meeting her soon.

The group had a great time chatting, discussing area gardens to visit and sharing the common thread that is gardening. Whether you're new to it or have been doing it for years, it definitely has a strong pull that draws the best of people.

Before we knew it the library was closing and it was time to go. But never to send others away empty handed, treats were divvied up. I came home with these lovely black pussy-willows from Molly and a yummy pumpkin from Paula.

Paula gladly shared the love and also handed out oodles of these wonderful sacks. They're great for weed suppression, window treatments or anything else you can think up.

Since we were surrounded by such a lovely garden, of course it had to be recorded. Several of us hung around to snap a few pics. I especially enjoyed the pops of color sadly absent in my own little patch of earth. I've never been to this garden, but I surely will return.


Now if you're bummed you couldn't make it, not to worry. We had so much fun we're going to do this once a month, sometimes more! We're next on the calendar for Sunday, March 22. Watch Petunia's Garden for future details. We'll alternate Saturdays and Sundays each month so everyone has a chance to attend.

If you're interested in joining the Google group, shoot me an email and we'll get you hooked up. Or check out the group "Seattle Area Garden Bloggers" on Facebook.


tina said...

What a great first meeting. Everyone looks so happy. Have fun at your next meeting too:)

VP said...

Of course I'm bummed I couldn't make it, but it would be a bit tricky from England!

So glad you all had a great time!

Jean Bradbury said...

Are you the organizer of the Google group as well as the Facebook group? Thank you. It was wonderful to meet you yesterday.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

It sounds like it was really fun. I definitely was there in spirit. I'll send you an email. I'd like to be on the list for future meetups. Thanks for sharing.

Gardeness said...

Tina: It will for sure be a blast!

VP: Wouldn't you love to visit Seattle for a little vacation, though?

Jean: Yup. It was so great meeting you Jean. We'll have to get together for coffee or something since we're so close!

Catherine: You were indeed with us! Hope you can make the next shindig!

Karen said...

I like your write-up better. :) I wish I could have hung around longer to chat more and see more of the gardens, but the family was calling... great shot of that waterfall! What a neat thing to meet all of you, it was such a rush and an antidote to all the bad news in the country/world of late. To me, making those connections in the real world is a real bulwark against the glums. Happy Sunday to you, and thanks again for all!

Tatyana said...

Thank you so much for your comment! I would LOVE to join the group! I also salute you for having all the energy and enthusiasm while taking care of a little child.
As for the favoring my blog - you made my day or maybe a week!

Weed Whackin' Wenches said...

Can't wait to meet everyone come March. Thanks for setting up the FB and GG.

Karen said...

PS Do you want me to post your pic on my blog instead of the one the librarian took with my camera? I like yours better, since you're smiling in it! :) I would attribute, of course.

Gardeness said...

Karen: I know, I'm feeling much revived after such a great gathering. I definitely want to return to those gardens for a longer look, too. Oh yea, I saw that! Blecht. Use mine if you like, wouldn't want people thinking I'm the group grump!

Tatyana: I'm so glad you'll be joining us. It was a fun time and bound to get better.

Curmudgeon: Sorry we missed you but hope you can make the next get-together. This is going to be great.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Love the post title. Now that I could see on a t-shirt! Nice photos and write-up too! Thanks for the work to make it happen. I'll check out the FB side, too. Have a great week. Paula

Molly said...

The pussy willows should root out, but if they don't remind me to give you some cuttings next winter when the bush is still dormant. They're sure to grow then.