Saturday, February 28, 2009

Speedy seedlings

They start so sweet and innocent. Cautiously sending out feelers to test the elements. The beans are the funnest to watch because they seem to have such huge growth spurts.

My husband even commented that he notices differences from when he leaves for work in the morning to when he returns at night.

Our favorite is the spinach. They remind us of those blowup stick men you see at car dealerships. You know, the ones with the wavy arms?

All grown up and ready to move out on their own. I spent naptime yesterday preparing the vegetable beds, adding compost and booster blend. I don't have anything to test the temperature of the soil but I've been hardening these off so I can transplant soon!


Ruth Ferguson said...

Do you start your plants in little pastic cups? that's an interesting idea.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Oh my gosh! Look how fast they've grown. It's amazing seeing how literally overnight they show all that growth. I'm beginning to feel very behind in my seeds after seeing how much you and Tessa have already accomplished. Maybe I'll have a chance to get more started. You also prove you don't need a bunch of equipment to get seedlings to grow!
I forgot to reply that I won't make it to the plant sale today. My daughter has a basketball game. I hope you can go and share what you find.

Karen said...

Wow! You are so way ahead of me it's not even funny. I might just have to resort to starts (again) at this point. Sigh. Great going!

tina said...

Good comparison to the stick men at auto dealers. I see it too.

Cathy said...

Don't ya just love to watch them
grow! and they do grow fast...

Marie said...

Looking forward to spring :)

My header photo are my house.

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Your babies look so good! I can't wait to see how everything does outside in your beds! So exciting! Happy gardening :)

Darla said...

Wonderful job!!! Don't you love seeing all these sprouts?

EB said...

Gosh they are pretty far on! I hope you can harden them off gently... the world seems so cold to seedlings just now here.

beth said...

thanks for stopping by! I look forward to perusing your blog and hearing more as you learn!

take Care!

perennialgardener said...

Your babies look ready to move into their new home in the garden. They really have grown!

Meems said...

I do love to watch the seeds grow... so much a part of the thrill.

I do see the blow up thingies now that you mention it.

And I think your hubby is right... almost in front of your eyes they get larger. You have got some work ahead but with great reward. Good to see you. Have a great Sunday.
Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

Gardeness said...

Ruth: I did start some in cups this year. They're handy and I can show my little guy the root growth, like little worms.

Catherine: They are shooting up. The runner bean is especially fast, but then maybe that's probably why it called a runner bean?

Karen: I was just impatient!

Tina: Kind of funny, no?

Cathy: Crazy, isn't it? How are all your plants?

Marie: You have a beautiful home and garden. Thanks for visiting.

Tessa: I just transplanted some outside. And built a cloche!

Darla: It is fun. I think it's already time to start more!

EB: I built my first cloche so I hope that helps keep everything going.

Beth: Welcome. I enjoyed your blog and look forward to visiting throughout the year.

perennialgardener: The transition has already started. Fingers crossed that winter is done.

Meems: It has been such a fun experience. Can't wait for things to warm up more so more projects can get underway.

lynn'sgarden said...

WOW! You certainly have a good start! Another week's wait before I start my seeds..a good thing too as there's a snowstorm in the forecast for tonight! I've become a big fan of your blog, read it from beginning to end and loved seing the progress of your beautiful front garden and deck..AND how fast your little man is CUTE!!!

Mary S. said...

Those seedlings look great! You are fortunate to have such good light in your home.

Lou Altamura said...

The beans look great! Mine have really taken off since I planted them in the pot in my office. I had my first flower bud this week, and now I have a tiny bean pod. I will try to get pics up soon. I wish I could start putting things outside like you!

Gardeness said...

Lynn: What a great honor that you read the whole thing! Yikes, I'm trying to remember those early posts. Funny how you mention progress when sometimes I feel like I'm losing ground in garden. I'm really glad you enjoy the blog, though. And I always appreciate your comments.

Mary: Thanks, and welcome! I do love the big window. The seedlings reach for it, just as I do.

Lou: Cool, can't wait to see them. I hope I didn't get ahead of myself by putting some stuff outside. Oh well, time will tell.