Friday, February 20, 2009

There's one in every group

There's always one who has to show off. Those who stand out for their talent or good looks. Or because they're so different from the rest. It seems the beets are that type. I hadn't even seen these guys coming and when I opened the mini greenhouses today here they were all bright and glowing against the moistened soil. I've not grown beets before so this is an interesting development.

Meanwhile, the Snap Peas are right on time again this year. Several seeds have begun snaking their way out of the soil. They'll soon be reaching above the softened egg cartons serving as their home for now. I should probably get their supports built so they don't have to ramble across the fence like last year.

I'm also growing lettuce this season instead of buying starter plants. I opted for a simple "Salad Mix" but also started Spinach and Arugula to add to it. These all seem to have germinated rather quickly since I started them earlier this week. I've been taking all the trays outside during the day to soak up some of the sun, then they come in at night and are placed around a heat vent. Maybe it's that extra warmth that gave them an extra boost.

Since I was outside I snapped a couple shots of what's going on out there. More Crocus have sprung up around the Japanese Willow and among the Kinnickinick. And as I turned the lens to the Currant I spotted what I think is a Junco. Hard to tell since it was burrowing in mulch and turned away.


Jan said...

Your seedlings look like they are taking off just fine, and the crocus is lovely.

Always Growing

Sue said...

Seeing your little sprouts makes me long for spring more than all the warmer zones' flowers in full bloom. Soon, I'll be planting some lettuce and such in the ground. I never start them in pots. I do succession plantings, and once they come up. I eat what I've thinned out. I think I'll do a post as soon as I get my first seeds in.

I bet your little plants are bigger now, than when you took their pics. Enjoy!

I don't remember if I thanked you for following my blog, and I also can't remember if I started following yours before or after you started following mine. Did I just make up a tongue twister? LOL

Grace Peterson said...

Every day shows progress. There's nothing like the thrill of witnessing emerging seedlings. Beats are so pretty.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

It's fun seeing those sprouts coming up isn't it? My lettuce practically germinated overnight! I need to get my trellis up too for my peas. It's been so nice the past few days, no wonder your crocus all look so happy!

Donna at Suburban Sanctum said...

I don't do vegetables (except an occasional potted tomato plant), but those gorgeous red beet sprouts almost make me reconsider... Naaah. I don't even like beets, so I guess I'll just enjoy your photos for now. :)

Connie said...

I love the redness of beet stems when they beautiful!

Karen said...

Love it that your seeds are coming up! I'm so far behind, still haven't even bought mine... what structure do you plan to build for your snap peas? I got a cheap bamboo teepee a few years ago and they seem to do fine on that (base expands to a sturdy triangle). Or are you thinking of something more elegant/permanent?

Tatyana said...

Beets, beets, I love beets! I bake them in the oven and then just eat them sliced. I also add their leaves to salads. Yum! I am jealous, I don't have them, yet.

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

The babies look good! I love it when my seeds germinate, such a wonder. I'm growing beets for the first time this year too- they are so good when sauteed in butter! Yum!

Cinj said...

What wonderful seedlings, you must be treating them like royalty. I want to get some started soon, but I can't start them too soon because I won't be able to plant them outside for a couple of months yet.

Gardeness said...

Jan: I get giddy when they start to sprout. Just like a kid with candy.

Sue: Yup, they're definitely taller now. The tough part is thinning. I hate seeing any of them go. Thanks for the follow. I too have no timeline on when I start following people.

Grace: Beets are now my new fave in the veggie world, simply because they're so colorful from the start.

Catherine: The lettuce is crazy, isn't it. I've got thyme going nuts, also. Ah, a trellis. I have no idea what I'm going to do yet.

Donna: I only got into growing veggies a couple years ago, but I find it addictive.

Connie: Beets are a lovely vegetable. Glad I decided to grow some this year.

Karen: Not sure what I'm going to build yet. More than likely should be permanent because I have no storage for more garden stuff!

Tatyana: All that sounds delicious! I'm going to try everything.

Tessa: You must be in germinating heaven about now with all you've got going!

Cinj: LOL. I take them out for some midday sunbathing and at night they go near a heat vent. Clearly I need a greenhouse!

Thanks for stopping by and all the great comments everyone. Happy Gardening.