Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Fun

The Parrot Tulips are about to take off apparently. Is the name due to the ruffles or the blur of "feathers" this lovely blooms turn into as they open. I decided I do like this colors after they warmed to a brilliant red and yellow rather than that magenta looking shade they had before opening.

Off to the rain barrel to fill his watering can and give the vegetables a little drink. Notice the "stumps" in the background? Those were salvaged from a friend's yard and have been under a giant mulch pile for more than a year. Never one to toss anything, I decided to repurpose them in the woodland garden for the little guy to climb on, drive trucks over or just a place to sit. It's also a way to finally get something in this space!

Almost 2 and he's really quite handy in the garden. He's also my little test subject for children's gardening projects for Little Sprouts Gardening. At this point, if it's something he can dig in, drowned or get dirty with he loves it.

Another garden "helper" who mostly just serves as company. He's pretty good at keeping our resident rodent (rat) away. Ugh!

My first flower from the little guy: chives pulled from the barbecue planter. He is daddy's little boy.

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The Fern and Mossery said...

What a wild tulip! I love it.