Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It came from the shadows

New Hosta 'Halcyon,' a blue cultivar I'm adding along the path beneath the Azara on the north side of the house. It will also serve as a transition into the woodland garden. My research showed this is slow to reach its full potential of a 3 foot spread, but once there it's great at crowding out weeds!

Fat buds on the oriental poppies are ready to burst. These are vibrant orange flowers that each year fill the front border more and more as I let them take over, along with the lupine. This year the plants are at least 24 inches tall.

Trillium sessile finally planted after the poor thing started sprouting in the bag it came home in. Not sure if I'll get a flower this season but the mottled leaves are enough to keep me happy. I'm a bit disturbed to learn that this plant, also known as toadshade, is listed as endangered in New York and threatened in Michigan, according to the USDA. Does this mean it was a no-no to sell/buy it? Can anyone please enlighten me?


Tatyana said...

Hi Melanthia! Three feet?! Wow! And the color is nice, I love blue hostas.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Good Morning, Melanthia ((((long time, no 'talk'! sorry:-( ))))

I have enjoyed all of the trillium that I've seen on blogs, but don't know a thing about them. Not sure if the one you planted is 'common' or a different cultivar? I wanted to plant some in my shade but never found any to plant in time.

I do love the blue hosta; I have wanted to add one or two of those, as well...haven't done that either. You've given me some reminders of things I've been 'meaning to do'...To add to the long list I already have;-)

Hope you are well. Life is busy here. Jan

Darla said...

Great photos!! Love the light streaming in.

Gardeness said...

Tatyana: Yeah, I can't believe they get that huge. We'll see!

Jan: I know, I've barely been able to look at blogs let alone comment! I read somewhere about collecting seeds from the hosta flower pods. If I do that successfully I'll send some your way.

Darla: Thank you. The light comes in through that very ugly chain link fence I'm trying to hide.

The Fern and Mossery said...

Wonderful photos!

wormandflowers said...

Stunny poppy bud! I love their hairy/fuzzy graceful look.