Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pucker up

Certain plants have so much character you can't help but smile ... or laugh in this case. Red snapdragon flowers look like big ol' lips that just scream "Kiss Me." I've spread these around the yard for their whimsy. They're fun makeshift puppets to entertain the little guy and they attract bees to the garden.

Sweet little blooms on the Sugar Snap peas. I can't wait until these start giving up some tasty pods.

Roses along the front path are putting on plenty of buds. I'm really not that fond of roses but have kept a couple of the taller variety in the garden for a bit of height. Mostly these just attract aphids that I'm forever blasting with the hose.

One man's weed ... I believe this is buttercup, with its oh so sweet buttery flower. It's too bad this plant doesn't play nice with anything else in the garden. Instead it likes to honey up to other plants I actually want in hopes that I won't rip it out.


Dee said...

Lovely little buttercup! My sugar snaps are just about done for the season here I think- the birds are enjoying the ones I missed.

Jan said...

You are right about the snapdragons looking like a mouth. I like to squeeze the sides and make the mouth open. Kids love that, too.

Always Growing

Mildred said...

Those are the prettiest snaps - what a lovely shade of red. I wish you and your family a very nice weekend.

Phoenix C. said...

I hadn't heard that about snapdragons looking like mouths! What fun!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

The snapdragons are one I always have because they remind me of being a kid and making them talk. Of course I've also shown that to my daughters :)
I've noticed that the buttercups like to get right in the middle of my good plants too, they sure are sneaky!

Karen said...

Glad you are ripping out the buttercups, my dad was out in their lawn today trying to get a handle on a mess of them and when you have one, soon you will have a million! Cute snapdragons and pea flowers - already looks like summer over at your place!

Jake said...

I here you on the weed thing. I have "weeds" that I like and keep as plants in my landscape, lol. I also don't like Roses except for Mini Roses and Knockout Roses.