Thursday, January 28, 2010

A budding garden

Signs of life can be spotted around the garden, mostly in the form of fat leaf or flower buds. I can't help but anticipate all that Spring will have to offer in the form of lush plants full of flowers. It's nice to just walk around the garden and enjoy the changes of this budding garden.

The lone Hellebore in our unfinished woodland garden is full of fat buds. I think this is "Ivory Prince" but can anyone tell for sure just by seeing the buds? I would appreciate any suggestions.

Bright green leaf buds are opening on the unidentified hydrangea. It had a rather sad showing last year after being moved. It may be in too shady of a spot now but I'm going to give it one more season.

A brave primrose has sprung up from the blanket of leaves along the front path.

Flowering Currant 'White Icicle' has several leaves unfurling along its branches. Somehow my plant has cascading branches that I'm not so sure I like. I was hoping for the more traditional characteristic of height about 5 feet to 8 feet.

Astilbe is already shooting up from the earth. I'm not sure if this is early, although it seems the case.

Redtwig Dogwood has lots of leaf buds along the rusty red stems. I'll give these a light pruning in Spring, March or April, to encourage new growth that will have even brighter stems.


Barbee' said...

Spring is definitely on its way! The tomatoes in your header made my mouth water, and made me hungry for them. (sigh)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Your Currant and Astillbe are way ahead of mine. I love the 'White Icicle', I didn't know it grew that way.
The Hellebore looks just like my 'Ivory Prince' is looking right now, the buds are pinkish-red now.
I love the new header, forgot to mention it before.

Kyna said...

Those pretty magenta flowers springing from the winter earth are so pretty....I see many signs of leaf budding from my plants, and I'm excited. My hopes were dashed today when I saw the upcoming temps for the week...looks like there's a hard freeze in the forecast O_O

donna said...

Astilbe is one of my favorite plants in the shade garden, especially the white ones. Look forward to seeing yours in bloom. I luv their foliage, too.

That little primrose looks so pretty peeking out from under the drab leaves.


Jane/MulchMaid said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, Gardeness! You have many more spring harbingers than me, but perhaps your Seattle weather has been slightly milder than ours in Portland. I'll test your climate next week when I attend the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.
Spring is just the best, right!?

Karen said...

Those look like my 'Ivory Prince' buds but I can't be sure, mine did already bloom, at least some of them, and they are more white when they open up. Nice, in any case, to see all of that potential coming along! Hope your hydrangea gives you a good show this year.

Darla said...

You do have signs of Spring....yeah!

Janet said...

Lovely! I love how so many of the garden blogs have "signs of spring" pics. This is the time of year when we all get a bit desperate.

20MinuteJan said...

Ahhhh..... I am trying NOT to be jealous, just in awe of your buds and greenery, but it's hard! Spring is coming here in Michigan too, I remind myself-- just not so soon!

Thanks for sharing this peek into the hopefully not-too-distant future!

Hugh said...

Many things here are early, but you are still further ahead. What an odd winter we never had!

VW said...

Yeah - hellebore buds! Mine have only the smallest buds . . . a long while until they open. Last year the ones on the north side of the house were on track to open in June.