Sunday, January 24, 2010

Retreat to Tiger Mountain

My garden is still suffering under the winter blues, rather browns, so when Molly from Life on Tiger Mountain suggested I come out for a visit I jumped at the opportunity. Free of husband and child, I was giddy with anticipation at seeing Molly and her 5-acre spread again. There are few things so pleasing to a gardener as gathering with other gardeners.

Molly's monster Japanese Willow is absolutely stunning in all it's winter beauty. My miniature version of this plant just doesn't compare.

My Hellebore obsession wouldn't let me ignore the double flowering variety Molly has in her shrub border near the house.

The lady herself taking black currant cuttings to share with her visitor. Me! The key to propagating this shrub, she says, is to just shove a cutting in the ground. I think she has more knack than me but we'll see how it goes.

Help Molly! I don't recall the name of this tree. I only know that I always admire it. UPDATE: Molly confirms this is a Sumac. Have added it to my "must have if I can only find room" plant list.

"The pink contractor's tape is in full bloom," Molly quipped as we neared her developing hedge row running along the property closest to the main road. This is how she tracks what she wants to keep, as well as reminds her dear husband what he isn't to remove or mow over. I love this idea and know I need some of that tape around our garden!

The ladies and their gentleman were chatting up a storm as Molly collected the day's eggs. How wonderful to have fresh eggs at your disposal. I'm still trying to wear down my dear husband so I may have one, even better two!

I left Tiger Mountain loaded with fresh eggs and bay leaf, black currant, black pussy willow and variegated hydrangea cuttings. But I most enjoyed wonderful conversation with my host as well as soaking up all her gardening knowledge. Thanks for a much needed garden retreat Molly! Hope to see you at the February gathering of SAGBUTT.


Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

It's a real treat to visit a fellow gardener's place. Double Hellebore is fantastic! I haven't met many gardeners who grow a black currant. I have three shrubs, and just yesterday separated a baby plant that is a rooted brunch. I am curious if it will grow to a good currant. Good luck with your cutting!

Sunny said...

I love the Japanese Willow pic...are they difficult to grow?

donna said...

Is the tree you're wondering about perhaps a Sumac of some sort?

Luv the photo of the lady herself, Molly.


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

That looks like a fun day! I hope the Black Currant will grow for you. She sure is generous!

Stephanie said...

Hello Gardeness!

Nice to know you. I like this place for its natural beauty and farm. Thanks for showing. But, why is it called Tiger Mountain?

I hope your garden will recover from winter blues soon. And the cuttings will be rooted. Happy gardening and have a wonderful week!

Karen said...

Glad you guys got together and it's true, she is so generous, what a haul. I am still savoring the memory of the eggs I snagged when we visited last summer, SO tasty. I hope the currant rootings work! That's a nifty trick. Sounds like a totally fun day!

Kiki said...

Wow..what a beautiful day..and all the tresures you came home with to enjoy! Lovely!Great photos!!

Bonnie Story said...

Thank you for the mental margarita! What a wonderful visit. I look forward to meeting you both at a Sagbutt fete! I'm off to check for Feb info now. Have a great day!