Monday, February 1, 2010

Flashbacks of Summer

There are times when things don't work out quite as you'd planned. I find that can happen quite often in gardening. And even more so when taking photos of my garden. Today I'd actually gotten outside this morning and happily shot various plants, including the perked up Hellebores, emerging Poppy foliage and just blooming sarcoccoa. However, my camera had other ideas and didn't seem to retain any of these pictures. Now, with my little guy underfoot I have lost the window of opportunity to photo my garden's current state. But another has opened to flashback to summer and share photos that otherwise may have been lost due to my months long hiatus.
Daisies were were some of the first flowers I planted in our garden. They never cease to impress with their simple lines and cheerful faces. This particular plant has been divided up several times and spread throughout the garden.
Tree mallow (Lavatera) that I yanked quite literally out of the garden and potted up just a portion. This is a lovely flowering perennial that in my garden reseeds somewhat aggressively and has been popping up all around the yard. I rather enjoy it's hollyhock appearance but would rather it stay put as it develops quite the root and trunk system that can be overwhelming.
The unidentified Hydrangea flowered last season but they weren't the usual blooms that often grew larger than softballs. I'm guessing it was just settling into its new spot in the woodland garden and hope for a better showing this year.
Representing edibles in my garden: Corn! I was so pleased to finally grow corn again last year. Dear hubby built a new bed along the house on the southside where the heat loving plants like this and tomatoes grew quite well.
Sweet Flag planted among pavers around the deck. Nothing spectacular, but I enjoy the plant's chartreuse leaves and the bit of dimension they add around the deck.


Kyna said...

That hydreangea is beautiful, less that softball size blooms or not :D Great photos!

Stephanie said...

Your hydrangea is beautiful! I have one in my garden that has never give me any flower. I am just amazed how gardeners like you manage to grow them beautifullly.

Darla said...

Oh I love looking back and dreaming of beautiful blooms to come. Thanks for the heads up on the Tree Mallow am trying it for the first time this year!

Matron said...

So difficult to find things to blog about in midwinter! A reminder of things to come is a splendid idea!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I'm glad we get to see some of your flowers from last summer. Things are starting to really get going now aren't they? :)