Monday, August 22, 2011

SAGBUTT Reunited and on tour!

 Oh happy day when you have the opportunity to gather with a fabulous bunch of gardeners eager to share stories and make new ones. After a months long hiatus, SAGBUTT (Seattle Area Garden Bloggers United to Talk) met at my home to catch up with familiar faces and meet a couple new ones! And thanks to Kit at Gardener's Roost, we had the added joy of visiting the gardens of some NHS board members, including the zany Ciscoe Morris, who entertains and informs with much loved theatrics.

 As expected, his garden was packed with vibrant, eye-catching foliage and flowers. Plenty of eye candy to make this gardener think "oh la la!"

Much to my delight, there were several Oakleaf Hydrangea tucked throughout Ciscoe's garden.
The man himself, sharing garden wisdom with SAGBUTT members.
On hand for good food and great fun was Kit, Paula at Petunia's Garden,  Catherine of A Gardener in Progress, Alison over at Bonney Lassie, Molly of Life on Tiger Mountain, Julia of Polka Dot Galoshes and Yvonne. Not a bad showing for getting the gang back together on a whim. And it wasn't just all play, we got down to business and roughed out a gathering "schedule" to take us into December 2012. Next month is a tour of Seattle area P-patches, and in October we' ll visit Soos Creek Botanical Garden in Auburn followed by Volunteer Park Conservatory in November. If you don't want to miss out, be sure to join our group on Facebook for more details on gatherings and impromptu meetups.


Aerie-el said...

Great post, great pictures, great gathering! Thanks for getting us together again; I'm so looking forward to the next outing!

Julia@PolkaDotGaloshes said...

LOVE your blog!!! Thanks again for such a fun day, it was wonderful meeting everyone! I'm super excited you have this group up and running again and I look forward so very much to our next get together =)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I swear I already posted a comment today... Well I'll leave another. I had even put a link to this post on my blog FB page.
It was so much fun yesterday! Thank you again for hosting. The girls ate the eggs right after I got home. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming meetings and seeing everyone again.
You can put me down for next August, it'll give me incentive to keep it weeded and watered all summer :)

Matron said...

Looks like you all had fun there. What amazing photos, someone has a great eye for garden design there!

Karen said...

Most awesome! So so so sorry to have missed it. I need to get the info on the upcoming dates - is there any listing other than on FB? Kudos to you for hosting with small fry around and not much gardening time this summer. Love that you got the gang back together and hope to see you all soon!

Kylee said...

Hey! I know some of those people! This makes me miss you guys! :-( Gorgeous plants in gorgeous photos. I DO want to have a garden in the PNW. Hugs to you, Melanthia!