Monday, June 27, 2011

Ho Hum .. Oh hey!

Thank goodness Mother Nature has more stamina than I because my garden would be a barren waste land if it wasn't for her. Both time and energy have been elusive creatures since having baby brother LAST YEAR! Yup, it's almost a year since his arrival and I've done zilch in the garden. Actually longer when counting the last few months plus the extra weeks he decided to hang out ... But I digress.
Alas, I'm happy that anything is happening in the garden despite my inattention. I have to say some plants look the best they have in years, which is a sign that I maybe was loving them too much. This Honeysuckle vine is fairing quite well after being left alone for once.
Poppies are one of my go-to plants in the front yard. These lovely perennials give the garden a burst of color throughout the summer. They aren't garden thugs that can take over an area, and despite what I've read I've had luck transplanting new starts.
Astilbe continues to thrive in the back garden along the house. Notice the new color on the ol' homestead? Yup, I went with read rather than sticking to the typical PNW pallet of greens, blues or tans. I enjoy how the plants pop against this backdrop and it will be a warm welcoming site in our many months of drizzle.
The front garden really took off just in the last two weeks. Despite the patchwork of quack grass, I'm enjoying how the daisies, Lupine and Heuchera have filled in around my Weeping Cherry.
Finally! A real Peony bloom. 'Nuf said!!